How should we use Discourse to support Jupyter?


This site is a destination for users of the Jupyter service delivered by

How should we structure the site to support the users?

We can link to articles in like this one on using magic commands.

A thread with advice on how to set up the initial conditions for a successful Discourse community.


Is it going to be a Q and A kind of thing like stackoverflow?


Or more of a social networking for data science kind of thing?


Could be, we’re just trying it on for size. At the moment most stuff filters back to me via email, but it would be ideal if people could work together and help each other as well.

Part of the idea is to help us spot problems which might be developing (along with monitoring) and also to collect tips (which could then be migrated to



Stack Overflow’s next big thing? Discourse. This is basically a QA-style site set up to be a forum.

Testing the MathJax! $$ \int f’(s) ds = f + C$$

And this one is inline $x^2 + y^2 = z$.


I am new to jupyter. I teach high school computer studies in Port Alberni BC.

I need to get my head around how to use jupyter in my classroom.

Is there like an intro video ?


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