Javascript kernel?


I’m wondering if there’s any prospect of adding one of the javascript kernels to syzygy? I am seriously thinking about using jupyter notebooks in a class next semester, but the coding assignments are all in JS, so I would need the JS support…

Thank you!


Hi Matt,

I can look into it, but we’ve sort of frozen on a few core kernels until we have a good way of integrating new kernels dynamically. The problem is we end up with very large and difficult to maintain images if we include too much. We have a project going looking at dynamic kernel inclusion but it isn’t quite working yet. In a pinch we could probably have a custom image for UT, but I’d really like to solve it a bit more systematically.



thanks Ian! It may not be something I can do this semster anyway. I would try to just do this on my own, but for some reason I’m having trouble getting jupyterhub running on my own server ATM.


I’m no javascript expert, but I know that I can use Javascript within a regular Jupyter notebook. The key is that Jupyter can recognize html code, including JS.

Here is a somewhat involved example, using Javascript and D3 to make a pretty animation in a Jupyter notebook:

That might be enough for some limited access to JS in the course.

On the negative side: Jupyter seems to be pretty aggressive about restricting access to outside code, for security reasons. So sometimes I find my JS code does not work, if it is trying to call up someone else’s packages.